Review: Found Underneath (Finding Me, #2) by K.L. Kreig

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Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.”
~ Unknown

Lost in Between ended with so many questions and emotions I don't know where to start. My feelings were on the precipice of either falling over and being frustrated, I am torn between Reid Mergen and Shaw Mercer and I'm not sure I approved of Willow Blackwell's decision.

“I let him see that I don't want anything between us but real and reckless, no matter if it hurts one, or both of us, in the end.”

I love how this book started, it made me look deeper into Shaw's character and that slowly, I am getting to know the characters in a new light but that the flow in connection with the previous book is smooth and consistent.

Shaw captured my heart in this book. He's driven, knows what he wants, he is loyal than ever to his family, and most of all, he's passionate and has that obsessive personality that calls to me.

Willow is just Willow. She can't deny what she has found in Shaw, but that she's still scared than ever. She's afraid to be vulnerable, but that heart of hers is trying to be brave and live, and not just let the moments pass by.

“With each twist of his tongue against mine I feel more lost, but also as if he's found me underneath all the masks I use to hide behind. ”

I love a good conflict and this has all kinds of conflict that connects and doesn't make it overwhelming nor super complicated. I finally was able to understand what Willow has found in Shaw, and it was more than the physical aspects. And that even if I felt Reid was everything I thought I want in a man should be, there was just something in him that would make me give up in him.

“I'm having a hard time keeping up with how fast you're changing me, Goldilocks.”

The above quote is a definite contradict to the pacing of the story, as it is slow and steady but something you'd be able to appreciate as the details are delicate and although it revolves around appearances and what people would say, because politics, the heart of it all is that the importance of family and the connections you made with them.

This is definitely a great conclusion to the duet! I admit, I probably wanted to rush what is happening but it couldn't be or the story might be ruined. All the feels, that feeling of nostalgia and love and longing, and just everything! I was afraid my kindle would burn with the hotness! Love!

“And once you feel that fear burning holes in your belly, that's when you know you have found something rare and special, worth holding on to.”

Books in the Series (must be read in order):
Lost in Between (Finding Me #1)
Found Underneath (Finding Me, #2)

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