Review: Unraveled (Guzzi Duet #1) by Bethany-Kris

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“The taste of you could kill me, Cara. I'd eat you, morning, noon, and night, and I wouldn't even think about anything else. It would kill me.”

Okay, confession time first. I was only reading this book because of Cara. And I may be the unpopular opinion in here, but I was never enamored in Gian. Cara has been through a lot. She escaped Chicago, together with her twin Lea, so that she'll be away from the Outfit. She never wanted anyone who're in the lifestyle because all it brought to her was heartache and more heartache.

Gian was inevitable, though. He was like a force to be reckon with. Someone you couldn't say no. And it wasn't in a puddle like state or that Cara has become mindless or anything (like in other heroines that women became sex-starved and idiots) but in a Gian-is-irresistible-and-sex-personified kind of thing. I mean, come on! The man can speak three languages!

“Tell me, is there any place in the good book that explains how much of a sin it has got to be that you can manage to be that attractive and charming in three languages?”

But, as the saying goes, that all perfect men are. I'll letyou think about that.

So my interest was Cara, and how she is. And how that scene in Chicago Wars became (that's in Tommas story btw). And I want a her to be happy. To be a queen, pampered and loved.

And this book has just gutted me! What in the ever-loving fuck Gian! What in the ever loving fuck Bethany-Kris! Ohmyfuckinggod its been days but I haven't still get over it! OMG shit, the feels for this book! I wanted to start a Chicago War all over again.

The only thing that held me for giving this a full five-star is that well, I wish there was more killing. Rather than power play. Because well, it ain't mafia if there aren't anyone tortured for me.

And I cannot wait for the Book two! OMG please please please! Let there be killing and all. I don't how you author you will do this, but I hope it hurt so bad!

“He was educated, high-class, and Toronto elite, but rough, dirty, and full of sin, too.”

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