Review: Lover by Marni Mann and Gia Riley

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“It's not research, and it certainly isn't to pass the time in the middle of the night. This is swinging.”

It's been awhile since my last swing (?), swinging? Haha I mean, there probably is, but the most memorable that I could remember and loved because the scenes are just so hot and epic is Julia and Brad. (And if you know them, kudos!)

“Why the fuck am I thinking about Piper and not the woman lying next to me?”

I love this kind of story because it has a good conflict and I always look forward to on how the characters are built and how the conflict will be resolved.

“All I know is, I want to make him happy. Destroying us was never part of the plan.”

I love how the story is told, of me getting to know the characters, Piper and West, and their lives separately. Of looking deeper into their inner psyche and the state of their relationships and individually. I also like the mystery of how they will eventually come to that point of the 'meeting' or let's be honest, the swinging part.

I don't want to tell much without revealing more, but that I hope what I've written will keep you guessing and intrigue you. The pacing of the story is slow, and I feel like the feel of it is sweet and exciting. I feel like there wasn't just too much drama and that the characters have reacted the way they should given the situation except the mysterious one. lol

But don't get my vague review confuse you as there's really no mystery here.

“This is a pussy I want to worship.”

West and Piper are too lovable characters. Intense with raw emotion and passion, and both very compassionate whether it be their relationship or the one they love the most.

This is definitely a great cherry-popping for me! And woooho it's threesome with these two exciting new-to-me authors! I can't wait to stalk you! lol

“Swinging isn't about feelings, Piper. If those get involved, it would defeat the whole purpose. Then, it wouldn't really be called swinging, would it? It would be called an affair.”

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