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Poker Face by Cybill Cain

Release Date: August 21, 2017



They say rich guys have it all, but Brandon Davies would not agree.  For him life has been an endless series of empty relationships and parties that have led him to put his heart away, and give up on love once and for all.  As his thirtieth birthday approaches he starts to feel that even with the world at his fingertips, he’s missed out on all the things that truly make life exciting. That is until he meets Thomas Meenan, who makes him an offer that Brandon can’t refuse.  A one night erotic high stakes poker game. He’ll bet his entire future on his ability to keep his head in the game while simultaneously deflowering a virgin.

Camille Jones has lost her job, her bank account has been hacked and her mother is about to be evicted from her care facility because Camille’s last check bounced.  She has nowhere left to turn until Thomas Meenan offers a one time chance to make a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars in a single night.   All she has to do is let a man she’s never met take her virginity in a room full of strangers while playing cards.

When these two meet the sparks fly, but can they keep their poker faces long enough to win the game that will secure both their futures, or will it all prove to be too much for them to handle?

Put the cat outside, put the phone on silent, lock the doors and tuck yourself in for the hilarious hot sexy ride of a lifetime as these two risk everything to win the life they’ve always dreamed of having.

Live on August 21, 2017, only on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

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“I’m sorry,” she said, so low I could barely hear her over the buzz of voices around us. “I’m never like this. You’ve met me on a very strange day.”
​“What are you usually like?” I asked, trying to find the rhythm of conversation with her again, instead of the rhythm I wanted to have. She shrugged, drawing invisible circles on the table with her finger.
​“I think I’m usually contained and restrained.”
​“Sounds like something that you might need to have checked.” I was teasing her, but it bothered me that she kept herself closed off.  She seemed brave and insightful.  Like the kind friend most people would love to have in their lives.  Like the kind I would love to have in mine. Her brow slightly furrowed from my teasing, and I wanted smooth it away with my finger.
​“Maybe so.  I grew up believing that I needed to keep my emotions safe and tucked away to protect myself.  That if I let people see how I’m feeling it would come to no good.” She stopped drawing and looked at me.  “Truth is, I have a helluva temper.”
​“Oh, yeah. At least a dozen times a day I want to punch something or someone, but I never show it.”
​“If they know how much they bother you they never stop.” I thought that over for a minute.
​“It might be a good thing to not punch things or people, but always being contained and restrained, doesn’t that deny you other emotions as well? Good ones?”
​“I really couldn’t say.” I thought I heard regret in her tone, but maybe I just imagined it.  “What about you?”
​“Oh, I wore my heart on my sleeve until it was so damaged I didn’t think it would recover.”
​“Where do you keep it now?”
​“I’m really not sure. It’s been awhile since I even looked for it.” That was more honesty than I was expecting, but she was as disarming as she was beautiful.
​“You should find it.  You might need it someday.”

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Author Bio-Cybill Cain

I read my first romance when I was thirteen.  I spent my birthday money on it at the drug store while my mom shopped for groceries.  It had a gorgeous blond woman and a deeply tanned dark haired man on the cover kissing like they needed it to live.  I snuck it home, and up to my room like it was a bomb about to go off.  I wasn’t wrong, just inaccurate.  😉

Between then and now I have turned to romance novels for a fix of happy, a distraction, and a wish upon a star.  I’ve fallen in love with more fictional men than real ones, and the only time they’ve ever let me down was when the story ended.

Here, for us both, I’m going to create some men we can fall in love with.  They never leave their socks on the floor, stand right in front of something and swear they can’t find it, and they always figure out the right thing to say and do, eventually.

I write ’em the same way I like to read ’em.  We get lots of hot steamy details,  lots of love and lots of happily ever after, with a side of sweet so strong you can take your coffee black while you read. When I say, “This ain’t your mama’s romance,” that’s what I mean. There is no fade to black with me.

Cybill Cain
❤Author of sweet filthy romances to tuck you in at night. ❤
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