Review: Not In Her Wildest Dreams by Dani Collins

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I should have read this book way way back, but every time I look at it, there's always that feeling that I don't feel it. So if I don't, I don't push it. Although, it's something I'm quite regretting when I started reading this book.

First of all, the reason this book attracted me was because the heroine is an accountant, and more specifically, a CPA.

If you know me, I have a soft spot for them. *wink* Anyway, they are always the bad guy, people with sticks up their asses, and whatnot.

Or its profession used but the work is usually glossed over, and so the heroine needs to lossen up and I was talking about another book. Moving on.

I like Paige's character. She has that innate skepticism that is needed for the job, stickler for rules, an enabler, someone who has flaws, so not perfect, but there's something in her that charmed me.

Sterling has this aura around him that would make you notice him. It probably is the power he weilds, or the wealth he earned, with a dominant personality and a heart so torn. So when he and Paige met again after all those years passed, he acted the only way he knew, a guy scorned that still longed for a young love or lust once lost.

I think there are so many factors about this book that I loved. Paige auditing the company was one and of course, some of the practices or things she did to do the audit. The people around her and their issues and how it affects her and affected her personality or the way she act with the people she loves.

I love a good conflict, and this one presented just that. I'm glad that I was finally able to read this book and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

This book is worth giving it a try.

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