Review: The Evolution Of Sin Trilogy by Giana Darling

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“Whatever the inception of our relationship, we had evolved and grown into something bigger than morality. We had cheated and lied and caused inexorable heartbreak in each other and those closest to us. We were sinners, undoubtedly, of the highest order.”

Warning: this book is not for the faint of heart. If you're an open minded-reader and you're ready to test and push your boundaries, then this book might be just for you.

Before of my individual review of each book, I'll give a little background of what I have loved about this trilogy and the concept of it. Over the years, I've watched trailers (because I rarely watched movies) and read about the mistress, the other person, the home wrecker, the adulterer and honestly, nothing have been more perfect than this box set. It is because mostly, the previous that I have happened to know only take up the surface, or going easy on the characters, or the reasons behind are a little on the safe side, like they are giving the cheater a reason to cheat.

But this one, it was one hell of a ride!

“No mortal man should hold a siren in his arms, but you've given me the oppurtunity of a life time.”

One of the reasons that I devoured this book page by page was that it felt it was a story of an ugly ducking turning into swan. Elle is such a sweet person. Naive, too trusting for her own good, and sweet.

Sinclair on the other hand, is my typical oppa. Brooding, intense, cold, calculating and every woman's dream. He was an enigma that you automatically gravitates to him and his character leaves a stamp on you.

The irony of this story was that it started honestly, with both parties setting rules and boundaries, no expectations and both upfront with their status. I felt, or it seemed that I would be repelled but the idea of a holiday affair is too appealing. And honestly, I was intrigued by Sinclair and the relationship he had with his 'Darling'.

But whatever the circumstances, I fell in love with both the characters and the story. I was a little frustrated that I only get to read Elle's POV as I so wanted to know what Sin's intentions are, but I'm glad that he remained a mystery. I get to experience falling in love with all its apprehensions and other consequences that comes with it.

The hints of BDSM and Sin's personality was a surprise I love and enjoyed. And that ending that left you wanting for more and satisfaction of how it was done. More importantly, I was glad I was reading the boxset because I might go crazy waiting for the next book if I hadn't.

“Because even if I need you to stop, you'll still own me. When we're like this, you own every beat of my heart.”

The story continues on after Elle had finally made her decision. I think the apprehension and excitement was it for me. It made my blood sing with nerves that I was both dreading and anticipating the events and how it will unfold or blow in their faces.

One facet of this story that I love most was that the conflicting feelings I had. Of wanting the affair to continue or not, or of hating Sin or loving him, and of wanting Elle to just leave and run or fight for what she feels. It also delve deeper on the dynamics of the relationships of the characters and the people around them - their family, friends, business associates and including the society and its opinion.

I think it was written beautifully in a way that the struggle is there. And for me, as a reader, to realize that you can't really condemn the party who cheated and who he/she cheated with as well as their happiness. It was presented how they struggle, the guilt that eats them, the fight they had to keep up with because as much as they wanted to be the better person, the inexplicable pull between them is something that couldn't be denied.

I also love how the characters have grown and that you see (read) them in a way that the experiences they have had mold them and made them and had affected their actions, decisions and how they see themselves.

I fell hard for Daniel Sinclair and I was just as enamored with Giselle Moore.
“This lifestyle is not always about pain and restraint. It is about worship.”

The Consequence (The Evolution of Sin, #3) by Giana Darling

“And since the moment I met Giselle Moore, my heart had stopped being mine to reason with.”

If I thought I couldn't love this boxset more, I was proven wrong. Finally, finally!!!! Sin's POV! And oh. My. God. Of course, I devoured it! I couldn't hate him, no matter how hard I tried. He's just my kind of man, no matter the kind of circumstances or the abhorrent thing he had done, I couldn't help it but fall deeper in love with him.

There was no deeper excuses nor reasons, there was nothing despicable with his relationship with Elena, its just that what they had was based on expectations and settling for something comfortable that when Giselle came into the picture, whose full of passion and colors, it wasn't really hard for anyone to just give everything for her to make her happy and love you.

I think what I love about this story more, is that the characters didn't made excuses for their behavior. They were shaped by the circumstances of their lives and how they have grown, and they have accepted it. It was just the events seem so real and so close to reality I feel like they are real persons and I'm a part of their lives and I have that feeling that I need to choose which side to pick and what I would feel if I choose the other person over the other.

This was no easy story. There are so many factors that just made me love and hate it. I love how the conflict is so great it seems it is hard to overcome. I hate that I love this story and I just feel bad that I want Sin and Elle's happiness. I hate Elena's attitude but I also love her character, in the end. It was an irony. And everything feels like you have to fight for it to be worth it.

But what I love the most, aside from Sin's POV of course, was his actions and his genuine kindness. He wasn't vindictive, and although he was selfish, he also tried to be selfless. Oh Sin!

“What are you staring at?”

“The love of my life.”

This book has just all the feels! The pacing of the story is slow but it makes you connect to the characters more. I love the supporting characters and I hope to read their life, too especially Cosima. Each one has a different personality that is unique but that I sometimes have a hard time keeping track of them especially the friends.

This is my first book, or first three books *snickers*, of Giana Darling and it was such a heady experience. I was so invested in the book that I feel like they are real persons and their life affects my emotions.

Kudos! I enjoyed my cherry-popping and I hope I get to read more from you! ❤️️

“This man, the kind that only laughed at the really good stuff and looked at me with a heady mixture of authority and awe, was my kind of man.”

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