Review: Thousands (Dollar Series #4) by Pepper Winters

10:17:00 PM


“You've done what no one else ever could.
You've stolen my heart.”

Pepper Winters didn't just ruined me, she deliberately obliterated my heart and my soul. No words ain't enough to describe what I feel, to know the extent of the soul-wrenching agony I felt.

I am nothing but a mess of emotions and of thoughts. My mind is like of Elder, chaotic and all-consuming, with so many things running through my head and I don't know which thought to follow, or what emotion to feel, and I am but feeling drained and exhausted as I feel like I am being pulled at different directions all at once.

These are my initial thoughts and feeling after I finished Thousands and the most pressing of all is that I need the last book now! I may have to sort my feelings and thoughts once I have time, but it may never change, probably. All I am and all I need is that I needed to know what next and the conclusion to the story!

I know! I may never recover from this! What am I supposed to do now?

I kennat!

(F) BR with my Shhluts!

Books in Dollar series should be read in order:
Book 1: Pennies
Book 2: Dollars
Book 3: Hundreds
Book 4: Thousands
Book 5: Millions

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