3 Destructive Employee Syndromes No Boss Can Tolerate

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This blog is all about BOOKS and Me.

So, apparently, this week I haven't done much reading. In fiction books, I mean. Considering I do read every waking moment I have. But when your mind is running a thousand miles a minute, well, reading should be your happy place.

But, I can't just let RL be forgotten and live for the rest of my life in books. So, of course I decided to focus first in some aspects of my life that keeps me fed and well, other priority.

Anyway, I've been searching for some articles about human resource and I can't decide which is which that I want. I wanted short and simple, something I could ponder upon. And finally, finally. I have manage to stumble upon this: 3 Destructive Employee Syndromes No Boss Can Tolerate.

And you know what? Reading and being a reviewer is so much a big help to my RL. Because What do you know, I understand better what Money Laundering is because of this mafia books I've read.

And what do you know, more knowledge on financial derivatives, software accounting and backdoor investigative stuff. I mean, hell, I am sleeping in class if these matters are being discussed and I just laughed you know? Imagine me being all smug about this in class, and no ones the wiser that I've read and learned all this in fiction books?

So, going back on the main point of the article I'm sharing, this will actually be a breeze to me. Why? It's not as if I don't read thousand pages of fiction books and not be able to make a review. And analysis and critique is so much like it.

I jut love being a reviewer, don't you think?

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