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ARC Review:  Paradise Road (Paradise #2)
by C.J. Duggan


The Road to Paradise is never easy

After a year on the coast, Lexie Atkinson can't settle back into country life. She’s missing the glitzy, gritty nightlife of the big city and the group of misfit friends she’d loved to hate. She knows to move forward she has to go back – back to face the guy who stole her heart.

But when Lexie arrives in Paradise City to work out if her future includes bad-boy surfer, Luke Ballantine, he is nowhere to be found.

With no home, no money and no Luke, Lexie gets a job slinging drinks at the wild Wipe Out Bar. Soon her heartache is eased when broody bar owner, Dean Saville, starts taking an interest and stirs more than just her drinks. But nothing is ever as it seems in Paradise City and when Luke barrels back into town, Lexie has a choice to make. But who will end up with the broken heart: Luke, Dean … or Lexie?  

Surprisingly, this one turned out very good for me.

First, you must read the first book, paradise city---link before diving into this because:(1) to better understand Lexie and all her interactions and connections with the characters in here; and (2) to better enjoy this book.

The author, as I expected, have written this in a way that was captivating and mind you, that is very true. I started this and I can’t really push myself to stop. I’ve tried but really, what am I supposed to do?

I think I still have some issues with Lexie but I’m happy to say that even if she’s somewhat immature, and that she still made some stupid and impulsive decisions, there was growth in her character. The character development and build up was something I was glad to see. I was still pissed off with how Lexie was saying she needs to act like this and the next second forgetting about that promise she made to herself, but who doesn’t? She at least was able to shoulder responsibility. I guess most notable of all was her humility. That was one thing I admire the most. To accept that you’ve been a bitch, or that you were irrational and most of all, to accept your mistakes and take responsibility for it.

The road to Paradise was indeed a rough one and the struggle of a teenager to make it to the real world from a sheltered life? That was something admirable. I like how I’ve seen the realities of life in the pages of this book.

And really, I like how where the events were leading up to. Just everything Dean did. The asshole stuff he did and all the little things he did were actually very sweet in a way, in an asshole kind of way if there is that.

Anyway, I think what I love the most was how this was not mushy and there was no corny bullshit. I think I like most was the randomness of some events, that in the boardwalk most of all. Just yeah, I’m actually surprised this turned out so good.

Books in the series and must be read in order:

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