ARC Review: Beautiful Beast (Gypsy Heroes #3) by Georgia Le Carre

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Beautiful Beast

Book 3 in the standalone sequel to the Crystal Jake series. This is the third of a trio of books in the Gypsy Heroes series.

~ Snow ~
If only he hadn't wrapped his strong hand around my wrist and caused me to look into those wickedly intoxicating eyes. But he did.
Now I can't get him out of my head.
Shane: a sexy as hell, cocky bad boy who makes me laugh and feel alive again.
I want him bad. But there's an obstacle. For I belong to someone else.
Lenny's kind to me, but I don't love him. I'm indebted to him.
Anyway, Shane and I, we're just going to be friends.
Which is just as well...

~ Shane ~

If only she hadn't come into my club, and turned my head. But she did.
Now I have to have her in my bed.
Snow: a wildly beautiful, hot as hell mesmerizing girl.
I want her like no other woman.
But she says we can just be friends. Until one weekend when she and I find ourselves alone in France.
In my chateau. Under my rules.
I've waited. I've been patient.
Anyway, Snow and I, we're never going to be just friends.
Which is just as well...

“I want you and I’ll fucking fight to the death for you.”

I have and will always will be have a soft spot for gypsies. My fascination started with Cam Rohan and no one has ever come close until Jake Eden. But, Shane Eden, this beautiful beast is class of his own. I’ve met him in Crystal Jake: The Eden Trilogy Box Set and from then, I was enamored by his charm. I cannot deny how I was so excited reading his story.

‘My name is Elizabeth Dishaw, but everyone calls me Snow,’

She looks like a little spring flower, but she kisses with the kind of wild, reckless passion that blows my mind.

I like Snow from the get go. I guess it was that air of foreignness about her. The way she speaks, she thinks. The beautiful heart innate with her, beautiful soul. I think everything about her is such beautiful. What I love most was this sense of innocence in her.

Shane was something else. I wanted to read more of his POV but I was mostly captivated with Snow that I didn’t mind. The small glimpses of it though was something precious.

There was something about Eden men that I love – their belief of fairies. And because of it, there seems a magical, fairytale beauty to the way they express their emotions and the way they see about things even if there’s a hint of darkness and violence in it.

What made me smile and laugh and long for was Shane’s sheepishness and his efforts at being sweet. I mean, I’ve seen him try to woo a woman before with Lily but it was something different with Snow. He was like so out of character being sweet that it seems it was so unlike him. But it was so cute it made me grin.

“There is no sonnet or song that has been written that comes close to describing my level of fucking smitten.”

There was so much to like about this book that captivated me. Aside from what I have already raved about, the way the author have written this story was something lyrical for me that enchanted my attention into devouring and enjoying the words.

Although at times there was that feeling of being rushed, of being pushed forward like some part of the story moving too fast for my liking that distracted me. But then it would go back to being captivating that I am somewhat pacified.

I love how the story turned out. And how it ended. I like how there was closure, and that there was an epilogue although I wasn’t expecting for one. That was, I guess the deviant side to Shane that made me think all along of what he was going to do with information that he had. It was wrapped up so good it left me smiling at the ending.

“Once you get that one person who is right for you, you will never again want anybody else.”

Standalone novel in the series:

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