Justice or Vengeance?

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ARC Review: The Matriarch: An Erotic Superhero Romance                          by Sloane Howell

“Jesus Christ this guy can fuck. Shame he has to die.”

First off, this was a serious ‘what the fuck’ moment for me. And no, I’m not kidding. This is not what you expect it to be, and if you’re looking for something that will blow your mind, like literally, this is it. This is the book for you.

I know, I usually have lots of quotes, it’s creates a continuity for me. But apparently, I was so absorbed with what I’m reading, I was a mess at the end. This is how it goes:

[click] same page.
[click] still on the same page.
[check book progress] 100%. The End. Nope. That couldn’t be.
[click] same page.
[click] still on the same page.
[check book progress] 100%. The End. Fuck! It’s the end.

Why did you do that to me?

Okay, now that have been expressed, let me go back to why I rated this book as I have rated it.

What attracted me to this book?/I love about this book.
1 The cover. I’m a sucker for beautiful covers. This one screams badass to me, dark, mystery, secrets. I didn’t read the blurb so I really don’t know what it say. I just stared at the cover for like a minute or two and then I decided, I wanted to read the excerpt.
2 The superhero element. And I was thinking vigilante, a badass heroine. And I really can’t say no to an independent woman who can stand on her own and kick some ass. Oh yeah. I love Maggie Madison immediately.
3 Action-packed and fast paced. This was like watching a movie in my head. I mean, I was reading and the scenes just played in the back of my mind. Also, I like the pacing.
4 The ending. I’m serious. I didn’t expect that. I had a feeling at some point but I was actually begging, wishing, anything for it to not be true, but hell. Thus, the dark twisted ending. Vague much? Read! LOL

At some point, I was thinking of Genevieve Snow aka Spider (Elemental Assassin). It’s for the reason that I was comparing her with Maggie. The training, the ruthlessness. I was also thinking of  Batman and the Gotham City because of the tech on the suit.

I didn’t appreciate it as much but after I finished the book and mulling over what I think about it, as a whole, I did like how the story goes. Seeing the growth of the character and the development is imperative to me, and somehow gave me a better understanding of how the story ended.

I guess, one thing that was off for me was that I hope the writer delved deeper on Maggie’s emotions but then, this is not really an emotional read and Maggie is one broken soul. Ah yeah, I wanted to experience, a little bit, of the darkness that she have suffered through and how she had striven to like what she did. Also, a first is important to me. Not the first kiss or that, but the first kill. I wanted to know the experience, how she felt with that. Correlating that with Maggie’s training, I get the whole idea but there’s a difference with experiencing together with her.

Other than that, this was one enjoyable read for me. This was a totally different work for Sloane Howell. I’ve only read Joel, but I’ve actually seen the difference. Kudos to the writer for delivering a work of how he intended it to be.

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