ARC Review: Sinful (St. John-Duras #1) by Susan Johnson (aka C.C. Gibbs)

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Sinfully Sinjin..

Chelsea Fergusson, daughter of the impoverished Earl of Dumfries, is a desperate young lady with an indecent plan to get out of an unwanted marriage to an old lecher by losing her virginity to London's most infamous libertine, Sinjin St.John, Duke of Seth, “the Saint.”

Sinjin, sworn bachelor, sexy rogue and bedder of beautiful women, was sure nothing could surprise him. That is until he stepped into his carriage one evening and found it already occupied…

Chelsea tempted him with a sinful offer.

Sinjin adamantly, albeit politely refused. She was a young unmarried maiden, too dangerous for a man who'd vowed never to wed. No matter how luscious the prize, he wasn't reckless enough to be entrapped by the tantalizing minx.

Can the spirited young beauty change his mind?

“Sinjin St. John, Duke of Seth, Marquess of Fowler, Earl of Burton, Viscount Carvernon, normally was settled in at Newmarket for the entire race season, his passion for horseflesh, everyone knew, surpassing even his acute interest in female flesh.”

When I read the blub of this book, I was like go for it. But then, I’ve forgotten everything else, and all I can actually think about, or more like do, is stare at the cover for hours. I mean, I know right? I am a sucker for beautiful covers and hell, this definitely tops my list. Lick-able. Yum.

Chelsea Amity Fergusson. I must admit, seldom that I would chose a heroine over a hero. But when I do, it’s because she have that amazing personality that is a major hard on than that of the H. And Chelsea, by God, is remarkable. Independent, intelligent, brave and that mouth of her when she speaks? Ah, vastly marvelous. She is a big risk-taker considering her passion for horses and races. I love that she is firm with her decisions and that when she put her mind into something, she made it happen no matter how impossible the circumstances are considering the era she was in.

Well, I must admit that from the first time I’ve laid my eyes upon Sinjin, all I can think of is that beautiful cover and that beautiful man. But he is an asshole, a first class bastard and really, I have hated him so much to the point that I am cursing him to hell and back. Seriously, if not for Chelsea, I would have given up on this novel. Gah, I am so furiously irritated with him. But, for a rake on those times, I remember St. Vincent with him, the other saint I’m most fascinated about. Still, no matter how he was so conflicted with his feelings, I admire the care he had for Chelsea during those times she was so lost and vulnerable.

“I promise I won't cry out no matter how it hurts, no matter what you do. I won't, really...”

I have mostly given up on Sinjin, but with the turn of events and the twist at the end, I kind of actually expected that. I know from my experience with historical that these unfortunate events is like a fantasy, something happening out of the blue without rhyme or reason to the first part of the story, and yet still, I am enamored with it. That there was growth in the character development and that I’ve seen how what they’re feeling become strong and solid. It was dreadful what happened to them but in some ways, it was beautiful.

The ending was a bitter-sweet. And I couldn’t think of a better way to explain it. Unpleasantly beautiful? Because I know it was ending and I so wish it wouldn’t but I know it must. And really, when the story ended, all I can think of is Beau making his way to be like his father, thinking of Seneca, and a smile on my face because once again I was able to read a beautiful story that brought tears and heartaches and hope and smiles to my heart.

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