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ARC Review:
You Don't Own Me 2

by Georgia Le Carre

“The only thing I am a connoisseur of is your sweet pussy.”

You Don't Own Me 2 is book 2 of The Russian Don. The conclusion to Zane and Dahlia's story.

It actually started meh for me as I had hard time grasping my feelings for Dahlia Fury because I ended Book 1 with not so good feelings with her. She was something though as she worms her way to my heart as the story picks up and she became so endearing.

“Sit on my cock. I want to see my cock disappear into your body.”

What I love about this book is that it is so raw and passionate. Zane just exudes danger that you wanted to be a part of it. I also love how this story leads me. I didn’t see it coming and the unpredictability of it was what I love the most.

“The kiss is so full of soul and tenderness that suddenly I know.”

Georgia Le Carre’s books always leave something for me. It’s one of those that I can’t wait to read mainly because I wanted to know what song would be part of a chapter and they are finds that I treasure the most.

However, as this book is as beautiful as how it touched me, it always left me grasping for words to write and organize my thoughts. I always had a hard time of expressing my feels for it.

I always left my review of how I perceive the book, and this one for me is all about showing our appreciation to those around us. Some may had a hard time of it mainly because they weren’t accustom to it but sometimes life takes on a turn so unexpected.

“There is none so blind as she who will not see.”

Books in the series, should be read in order:
Book 1: You Don't Own Me (The Russian Don, #1)
Book 2: You Don't Own Me 2 (The Russian Don #2)

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