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ARC Review:
Welcome to Diablo Vista
by Crow Gray

Welcome to Diablo Vista is one of those rare books that got my heart pumping and my body floods with adrenaline. I say that being an adrenaline junkie and I always love the action more than anything. This was like a movie playing in my head, the scenes so vivid and the graphic description of fights were just right for me.

But before that, let me go back to the start. It actually started slow, and multiple POVs will always be my least favorite. That being said, the first couple of chapters were a little, I don’t know how to say this, but it was hard for me to get into the book because of it. It’s not how it was written, this is all about me.

After that though, when the feel of badass is finally showing up, this book just became one of those that I cannot put down until I reach the end. I was gripped in my seat (literally) of what will happen next or where things will go, and I was so hot and bothered all through my read. Yes, this book is so hot and *cough* ahem.

I can’t wait what will happen next and what will lay ahead in the future for Axl and Rosita.

P.S. I’ve discussed with Crow of what my initial feels, so I’m keeping that between us. Lol :p

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