One hot, steamy read. Panties optional.

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ARC Review:
The Panty Whisperer: The Complete Series by Sloane Howell

“Man, this thing drives like a beast. You’ll have to try it sometime.”

*taps mic and imitates Terk’s voice*
“The maaan has arrrrrrrived, yeah! Thank you very much!”

I think that was an appropriate opening for Joel Hannover. Let’s be honest, The Panty Whisperer is walking sex. Oozing sex appeal, throwing hormones here and there and bam, one hot, very steamy read.

To be honest, when I read the complete series, I’ve started with somewhere in the middle as I’ve read the previous installments before it was in a complete set. I wanted to know, scratch that, I needed to know what happens next. And then, I made a quick reread, *wiggles eyebrows* and another thorough reading.

Joel is dear to me, much as the hilarity of Tommy. I actually appreciate the tales before the main part of knowing if Joel will have a HEA because it was the appeal of a guy, telling his tales of how he wreaked havoc on so many underwear before he met his match.

I actually can't relate much with the references but it cracks me up so much. Yep, I needed to throw that there.

This is one hot, steamy read. Panties optional. And a must read.

P.S. Joel, will you ever knocked my way?

“There’s something about being outdoors that is just primal and raw. He needs to take me and hammer his cock inside of me.”

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This is Joel we are talking about! Joel!

My accountant girlies are ready!!


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