When being happy meant you had to go through PAIN.

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ARC Review:
PAIN by Ashley Wheels

This is not a love story. This book is about pain. And most importantly beauty. Of a beautiful soul that we’ve met along the way, that touched our lives, that changed us in a way we never expected, that brought bliss and peace and the cause of the most painful thing we ever felt, ever.

This is a story different from everything I’ve read, something new, and something refreshing. I’m saying this because it was such a different take on a MC as well as the perspective of looking at life differently.

Abigail was a little girl who was dealt harshly with life. And she had to depend on people she didn’t know for her survival. This was her story. Of how she made a difference to a bunch of hard asses.

I guess, no matter how beautiful this story is, there are some that I need to point out that left me with not giving the one star to make it a five-star read.

It’s actually a pet peeve of mine when characters do something so brave and so stupid at the same time. I know it’s supposed to be a turn point that makes you want to admire them but it’s just makes me irrationally angry.

The other one was that I wanted more of Chalk’s background and past. It was hard for me to connect with him and understand his quirks. Although I may have an inkling of what it is considering it was stated, I still felt it necessary there should be some firsthand experience to know the gravity of it and to not just mark his responses as overreaction.

After the in-depth know how with Abigail, and the lives of the MC, the transition was too fast for my liking and I felt that I was rushed. Like things are being fast forwarded to reach the end although I may be over exaggerating, but its how I feel.

But no matter, other than that, this book with its characters and their flaws, and their separate lives touched me and connected with me. I felt, I hurt, I was amused, and most of all, this book has touched me.

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