[ARC Review: Destination Connelly by KL Kreig]

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"You'll know a love is true when it has been through so much and still it bloomed and flourished."
~ Kay Su


“I just know what I want, I know how to get it, and I make no apology for it.”

“As a woman, there’s not a headier feeling in the world than being visually undressed by the man you desire-the man who will fuck you until you melt into a sated pool of bliss in his arms.”

Destination Connelly is the last installment of The Colloway Brothers series and I am sad and happy at the same time. Sad because this is the last book in the series of the brothers I’ve loved so much. And happy because finally, I’ll know what will tick Con.

“It’s not fair for mere mortal men to have to live up to demigod status.”

“Love makes men crazy. Possessive. Animalistic, really.”

This book is about destiny pushing other people so that we could have a second shot at a chance to have the person that makes us realize why it could never work out with anyone else.

“I want Nora. Correction… need. Crave. I hunger and thirst for her.”

Connelly has become the manwhore, knowing half the female population in Chicago sexually, never feeling a thing to know them more. Never really knowing why he became that way other than the one that got away. Nora has been through a lot in her life, and she was afraid to encounter the one complication in her life that might take away the only reason she has her insanity intact.

Then I don’t just kiss her. I claim her. I lick, I taste, I possess. I conquer, drawing her soul into me.

I hear her whispers, her whimpers, her moans, her laugh, her very heartbeat.

This book is a roller coaster ride of emotions, of secrets and betrayals and love and chances and acceptance. Of hot steamy romance of need and passion and desire.

His magnificent smile steals my breath, lighting me up from the inside out like I’d just swallowed a whole jarful of fireflies.

The low voice that follows is seduction. Sin. Pure temptation. It’s trouble.

It was also bittersweet to read and sneak a peek of the lives of the other brothers and the whole gang that make up the extended Colloway family. And most of all, for every brother to shot back every advice that Con threw at them.

“I love a woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it.”

“She’s a hunger I could never fill. A thirst I could never quench. An ache I could never soothe.”

K.L. Kreig is an author I’ve come to love. I hope there’s more from the gang because I feel like they should. *cough* And she may have been a little sadistic with all the crying I’ve done but masochistic that I am, I’ve crave and want more of the hurt she threw.

This book was about that one that got away. And that when life gives you a chance to meet them again, grab the opportunity and everything will just come into place. It’s never a love until you’ve been through a lot and yet what you feel still bloomed and flourished. Anything worth having for do not come easy. This book, the entire Colloway Brothers, is a must read.

“I want to feel you, lick you, taste you, bite you, touch you, suck you, worship you, and fuck you until you cry for more.”

“She belongs with me. She always has. She always will.”

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