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ARC Review:
Bind Me by Sophia Scarlet

Bind Me is the third installment in the Absolution Series by Sophia Scarlet. It started where the previous installment left. It was, in my opinion, the perfect ending for such.

I appreciated that the Author gave a POV for Jonathan. From the get go, he was such an asshole and I was feeling smug to be proven right. But, I was also saddened by such conclusion that he wasn’t really able to handle and how to react during such situation. Although that was the case, I was able to connect with him on such a deeper lever that I just all but accepted him. I can’t, I don’t know how to express my opinion regarding with him that I won’t have to divulge anything but that crumbled me apart and hit deep within me.

I actually hated how David reacted in the situation. I felt that he acted so immature but considering his impulsive personality, it was what was expected of him. He always acts on impulse without thinking through every situation that just I can’t stop myself for being unsympathetic with him.

Agnes showed how she evolve as a person, how she accepted herself and her sexuality and she showed strength and such bravery that I am just amazed by her.

All in all, this last installment in the trilogy was such an emotional read for me and I was actually thankful that the first two was not as heavy as possible. The first book let me peek in Agnes’ soul and to see her journey have a beautiful end was satisfying, I guess? The second book made me know David more and it made me understand why he acted such way and how he have come to realize where fell short in their relationship. This third book let me sympathize for Jonathan that even if he was an asshole, I just accepted him and hope for his happiness.

This last installment, in my opinion, is all about absolution. Not just for Agnes and what she went through, but also for Jonathan for the actions he made and his misgivings and faults, and also for David. To became brave and strong from a tragic event that had happened in that life, and to come out with flying colors. When I think of it, this book represents those butterflies flying in open air. Represents freedom to be who you are and what you are and accept life and be amazing despite whatever struggles you encounter in the way.

I recommend this book, this series rather, to be read slowly by taking your time. Not just focusing on the exploring of sexuality but of the underlying whole picture that should be taken into account.

Books in the series (should be read in order):
Bend Me (Absolution, #1) by Sophia Scarlet Break Me (Absolution, #2) by Sophia Scarlet Bind Me (Absolution #3) by Sophia Scarlet
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