ARC Review: Luke's Absolution by K.L. Kreig

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Luke's Absolution (The Colloway Brothers, #3)

'Love, mistakes, absolution'

“But I’m not looking for a relationship; I’m looking for a good fuck. I’m looking for oblivion.”

From the first moment I have read about Luke, he already had an impact with me. Strong character, very dark surrounding him, and intense. More intense than the other brothers. I was hesitant to start reading his book because I had expectations, and I don’t want to be disappointed. But disappointed I am not.

I knew I like Luke from the get go. He was an asshole, and embodies trouble to a T but I just fell in love more and more with him. His intensity, his attention to detail, and everything he does, most especially his tats. Such a sweet, sweet man in a way that isn’t sweet at all, that imperfectly perfect fictional character you’d just love.

Getting to know Addy was such a surprise. She wasn’t really what I expected to be but she was also a likeable character. And I’ve never hated her nor been angry with any decision she did. She was passionate with her work and with the people she love.

“If I have a plunged into such an enchanted place, please don’t wake me. Fuck the real world. I want to stay right here. Forever.”

I love how the writer writes in such a way that captured my attention from the start through the end. It’s like an addiction that once I started, I wanted more and more. Kudos to such a great work, and for the story itself. For what the character went through and how they have faced and lived their lives. It touched and warmed my heart in a way that just tugs at my soul and makes me ached for a Luke.

I was glad I’ve met Asher, and never been more grateful to be able to read the rest of the Colloway Brothers. I can’t wait to read Con’s story and surely, I’ll want more.

This story for me is all about us being human. We had made mistakes, and some more than others are so great they seem unforgivable, but it’s how we’ve become and shaped us to who we are. The important thing is, every action, no matter how small or big, have made an impact that lead us to what we are thankful now. The other thing is being the first. Finding a love that will make us their first priority.

If you’re looking for a contemporary read about second-chances, an all-consuming love with a tatted hot guy who don’t know what a Louboutin is but is willing to make a woman happy, mistakes and absolution, then this book is definitely for you. One hot and intense read.

Existing perpetually.
Everlasting, especially without significant change.
Long lasting or nonfading.
In other words, forever.
For keeps.
Till hell freezes over.

Stand alone novels in the series. I advise to be read in order though.
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