ARC Review: You Don't Own Me by Georgia Le Carre

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You Don't Own Me (The Russian Don, #1)

'Keeps me on my sit'

“He exudes pure sexual energy. Let me describe him to you. The first thing that hits me after his height and breadth are his incredible tattoos.”

I wasn’t supposed to read this book but I was so curious and drawn to it that I can’t stop myself from peeking and eventually, not be able to put down until I have finished it.

Georgia Le Carre is an author I’ve loved, and her writing style is that something that keeps my attention and keeps my mind from wandering. I loved how it’s in a lyrical way that keeps me glued to the screen. I also look forward to the lyrics that are written before the chapter and how it would relate to that, or the youtube link of song.

“Then why did you massage me like that?
Like what?
Like you want to taste my cock.”

As much as I loved the flow of the story, the intrigue around Zane, the raw sexual prowess and danger around the man, I hated Dahlia. I hated her decisions, her thoughts, how she handles the situation, and most of all, I hated her reasoning. Gah, if only I could kill her.

One thing I enjoyed the most though was the ‘Blowjob Attitude class’. It kept me wondering where I could signed up, you know. Lol!

I am ready for Book 2! Bring it on!

“To lose control. To have dirty animal sex. To come so hard you can’t stop.”

This is Book 1 of The Russian Don series. Should be read in order:
You Don't Own Me (The Russian Don, #1) by Georgia Le Carre You Don't Own Me 2 (The Russian Don, #2) by Georgia Le Carre

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