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ARC Review:
Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre

Love, Chloe is one of my most awaited books in 2016. Ever since AT announced it will be a standalone novel, I’ve been meaning to have my hands on it. And then the cover reveal, and omehgard, I can’t stop fangirling because the cover is fabulous.

This book is what I’ve expected and so much more. I’ve read a few episodes in Alessandra’s Bedroom Blog so I got a few ideas on what I’m getting into.

Chloe is a privileged spoiled trust fund baby whom in one instant, all the things she enjoyed was swept away and she’d fallen hard. I enjoyed her adventures, of how she looked at her life before and how she’s reevaluating everything that she had. Maturity is a great factor in her character development.

The pacing of the book is fast but the relationship per se were slow, and just I think how it should be. There’s no such drama and the story is just light. What other thing that excite me most were the Instagram pics. I love staring at them and guessing how they will relate to the story.

As expected, AT’s story have chapter titles and they were so much fun. Aside from that, the book has short chapters that of course I love, and made me soaked up the moment of each episode.

I cannot rave how much I’ve been so crazy about this book, starting from the Bedroom Blog to the covers to the story itself and the e-copy I have (and to that wishy-wishy-wishy).

Alessandra Torre has done it again, me fangirling and going crazy over here. If you’re looking for a light read, something different, then this book is for you.

“Men are stupid. We focus on sex, food, and how to have more sex. That’s all we are about.”

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