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ARC Review:
Break Me by Sophia Scarlet

Break Me is the second installment of the Absolution Series and take off after Agnes agreed to be David’s sub for 2 months. I was eager and ready to start this book as I wanted to know the journey of Agnes and of David.

To be honest, I was more charmed by Marcus (David’s friend) than David himself. There was something about the guy’s intensity that got to me. I do understand David’s character. He is an impulsive man who acts on instincts alone and fulfills his desire without giving much thought to the rationality of his actions. I’m glad I get to know him more. He’s sweet and in fact lovable but it took me long to actually like him.

I like Agnes. She wants to reclaim something that she felt was lost to her. To reclaim her life and control. But control in a way that she doesn’t have to claim responsibility for all the decisions in life. But although she wanted to explore her sexuality and satisfy her needs, I feel that she isn’t submissive enough. She just needs someone to take care of her, and fulfill her needs. To fill the void that was created when her son died.

The pacing of the story is slow and steady and I like it that way. I get to know the characters more and that I get an in-depth with them. The connection and all that. The ending was something I was expecting. But not in the way of how it happened.

This story is more of soul searching than anything else. And I totally connect with Agnes in that way. She wants to find out of who she is and to be confident with herself. This is a book worth recommending if you're looking for something that focuses on exploring sexuality, being confident with oneself and be brave enough to seek out rather than wait in the side lines. Plus, there's kinky shit and some hot sex. I mean, seriously.

Books in the series (should be read in order):

Bend Me (Absolution, #1) by Sophia Scarlet Break Me (Absolution, #2) by Sophia Scarlet Bind Me (Absolution #3) by Sophia Scarlet

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