ARC Review: Cleat Chaser by Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell

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'Chasing men in tight pants be like.'

“I don’t want to worry about it. I want all my attention on you.”

Dear Readers,

I’ve never been a featured writer nor a sports writer, and I feel like my qualifications are lacking to write this article but I felt like this is the way of how it should be. Although I’m a sports enthusiast, I’ve never been a fan of baseball because it was never popular in my country and the only sports that I know the technicality of is basketball. That is the knowledge gain from an anime called ‘Slamdunk’.

But, ‘The Encyclopedia of Baseball’ was discussed somehow, the keen attention to details much appreciated, and the ability of the Authors to make me feel like I was there, watching the game, analyzing every moves or mishaps, and judging when the ball was thrown, predicting what will be the outcome. Also, I think it should be pointed out that as the game reaches its climax, I also felt the adrenaline rush of such game that makes me want to cheer or boo the players.

Sloane Howell and Celia Aaron are two distinct Authors that I like and this novel is a perfect collaboration by them. I felt the difference of each character in reading the alternate POVs and they actually engaged me to be that character for a moment.

Kyrie has been through a bad relationship and trusting is not easy. And when I say bad, I meant the worse. To come up from that, to try to trust again, is no easy task. Easton, on the other hand, has been living a life of the bachelor, fucking every pussy he encounters, until he met Kyrie.

I do believe in lust in first sight, and how sometimes the intensity of our emotions get the best of us. I felt the chase and the thrill, and the amount of passion, not just with each other, but also with their careers and their relationships with the people around them.

Among the supporting characters, I like Kasey the most. She has a big hypothetical dick, which is cool, but just the way she acts through life is something that I miss. I guess, it was the bonding with my lesbian friends, on how we could tease about finger fucking sans the crude jerk off motions, of course.

All in all, this book for me has been about second chances, and taking the risk. To reevaluate where we are in our life and where we want to take ourselves, in career and in relationships.

This book has the right amount of humor that made me laugh and made me believe in second chances, of wanting to enjoy life and take it easy as it goes. To Sloane and Celia my loves (yes because I love Celia more than you Sloane), I don’t know how you did it, but I expect another great book from the two of you. No pressure involved, but there might be some threat somewhere in there, of course.

So dear readers, if you’re looking for a book that will make you fall in love, or a reason to chase men in tight pants, by all means, grab this book. I highly recommend it.

P.S. I’ve really tried so hard to not have fucking or fuck, but I can’t. At least, it was to a bare minimum.

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