ARC Review: Dissident by Cecilia London

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Politics is a concept I’d rather avoid because of the power play involved, the hidden agendas and double insinuation in words. The never knowing whether the words were spoken in sincerity or a mask to cover up what was actually intended.

That said, I never knew this was a political suspense book until of course, I was able to read more. I love going in blind and to be surprised, with no set out ideas or anything.

This book is, in my opinion, thought provoking. I have to think of my views on politics, people in position, and of course, of my own experience. I’ve been given a privilege I had to work for when I was in high school to a seat in the Provincial Capitol and it was hard for me not to compare. I know, considering the country, there’s a big difference, but what I was actually thinking was the community’s views on people in position.

I appreciate getting a glimpse of what it’s like, and all the other experiences this book had to offer. I may have had a hard time in finishing this book though as reading has been a struggle. Not in a bad way, but I’m really not familiar with some of the references and my Information Seeking personality was at a glee to hoard all that information with open arms that it left me mentally exhausted after reading a chapter, or three.

I advise, though, that when you get to read this book, is to have small doses. Of Jack’s chivalrous personality, and Caroline’s feminist ways.

What made me through everything, aside from the complex personalities of the people in Caroline’s life, and of Jack being so lovable and someone I’d definitely consider my BBF, is Caroline’s personality. She is a strong, assertive woman, and very intelligent with a good heart and takes no bullshit.

The Author is new to me and it was good I never had any expectations. I enjoyed her writing, and it was captivating and I can’t wait to read more. I’d gladly recommend this book if you’re looking for some political suspense, but even if not, this book is something to be explored and read.

I feel like I need to say more, to convince people to read this, but I actually don’t know what I think I need to say. Just that this book has made an influence in my life, in my decisions in the future, and the way I will view how a single action can impact greatly affecting a nation.

“I don’t like the mystery. I prefer security.”

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