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ARC Review:
Ride Hard by Laura Kaye

“Just try to remember that those who’ve seen the most ugliness are also most able to recognize beauty. It comes down to trusting yourself as much as other people.”

This book, and the series, is another Laura Kaye masterpiece. Hands down and no doubt about that.

Raven Riders Motorcycle Club is not your typical MC. They are a brotherhood, a family, with a mission to be something more. And they are something more. We’ve met them (if you haven’t, you should) in the Hard Ink series when they become a hired help to the Hard Ink men, and later it became their personal fight, the cause to take down a gang in Baltimore.

I love the raw intensity coming from the characters. There’s just something in them that makes you like them and root for them, to grow and be something. I’ve always loved when there is character development and growth and I’ve seen it here. Somehow, the characters are likeable and yet, there’s still something in them that they need to take, to stand for, to be the person they become.

Dare is the President of the Ravens and with that comes the expectation of his brothers, as well as the responsibility to keep everyone safe, and all the other responsibility he had to shoulder.

Haven is one of the two girls that the Raven had helped rescued from an operation. She was escaping from a situation so fucked up. She has that innate goodness within her that you just wanted to be with her, and the admirable way she wanted to live her life.

Usually, starting a series is sometimes overwhelming as there are so many characters that you have to get to know and keep track of, but I guess it was because I’ve read the Hard Ink series that I was just too excited to read this book. I’ve already had an experience and expectation with the Ravens as I’ve read Ike’s story (Hard as Steel), but if you haven’t read any, you’re also good.

One thing that the Hard Ink fans will truly enjoy while reading this book is that the appearance of the Hard Ink men here. And of course, Laura Kaye doesn’t disappoint. There are of course, action, mystery to solve, well more like a big problem at that, and just a right mix of everything.

I love love this book. I tried so hard not be overwhelmed with my excitement over the Hard Ink men, and reading other characters that I’ve come to love and like, but I can’t help it. This is a treat for me! To read a new series and live another world, just wow. Wow!

“Live Dangerously!

Ride. Fight. Defend.”

I know I’ve been raving my love for this book. And the author has written this book in a way that will capture you’re attention, and glued you to the pages. But, the climax of the story disappointed me. Not because it wasn’t written perfectly, because it was to be honest, but it was something so predictable for me. I’ve anticipated it will happen at some point, and it did, and when you’re emotions are so high you’re shouting at your kindle to make the character stop and not do what you think she will do but she did anyway, it gutted me.

Thinking of the overall situation, it was supposed to be biggest turning point. To be honest, it’s not something you should be disappointed because the actions were actually so daring and valiant, and very admirable. It should have been emotional and so moving. It should have been like that but I felt so deflated, that it was how it happened.

When you read so many action and FUBAR situations, it’s hard to just enjoy the read because you can’t help but notice every little details, and predict how a situation will happen. I may have expected more, but nonetheless, that scenario was actually written spectacularly.

“Always you. I’m fucking starving for you. All the time.”

The sex was intense, the emotions were raw, and the firsts and the bucket list was something to live for, and I may copy some. This was an enjoyable and a worthwhile read.

As I’ve said, this book is a treat to all the Hard Ink fans. And, this is also a beautiful MC read. Ravens are hard ass bikers with great honor and cause that they support and they are actually inspiring. It’s a different take from other MCs I’ve read. This is definitely a must read.

“And in life where so very little was ever good, let alone perfect, it gave her some solace to be able to make something good-to do good-with her own two hands.”

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