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Read for Review:
Worth the Wait: Sexy Nerd Boys, 1
by K.M. Neuhold

I loved the concept of this book. It’s been awhile since I’ve read some nerdy characters, and to be honest, they’re the most that I find so sexy, well second from my list of bad ass. And I was excited, because well, nerdy.

“Are you going to write a sonnet to my ass?”

There was a lot more than just the usual friends to lovers’ relationship and the nerdy stuff the characters did. One was, of course my favorite among all things, is discovering sexuality and owning it from a standpoint of someone who’ve been from an abusive relationship before.

Abby is such a complicated character with many hang ups and baggage but slowly, but surely, she’s trying to rebuild a life. To take back control, and have control and feel that she have a choice. She’s trying to be brave but there are times that she still can’t face her demons and she had to resort to her stash.

Ethan is manwhore and had rules in place which are for his benefit more than the others. He doesn’t believe in relationships, and is too good to be true for my taste.

It was hard for me rating this book because there were parts that I actually enjoyed and loved. But there were some that just fell short for me and I cannot just ignore them no matter what I feel for the overall of the book.

1. The characters were nerdy. Well yes, they did some nerdy stuff together. Watching Dr. Who, attending the WhoCon, doing the trivia game. Well, okay. What fell short for me was at the cosplay. They did dress up for it but I guess I wanted to experience the event myself through reading. I didn’t get that. I guess I expected to read some random fact that are nerdy like it shouldn’t have said at that particular moment but because you felt it just connected to the topic of conversation.

2. The stash. I don’t, I haven’t tried. But I’ve been with a crowd who did some stupid stuff after hitting a joint. I’ve tried Blackbath (it’s a cig brand and said to have a little weed in it.) And as cigarette being a stimulant, I know how that feels. Being in a high means you just kind of do things and stuff. I wanted to feel it. The rush of adrenaline, the fast pump of the blood, the feeling that I could let loose anything and not worry over it. I haven’t feel anything by it while the characters were hitting the joint. Not even the feeling of craving a smoke.

3. Ethan. There’s nothing wrong with him. But for a guy who’s character was supposed to be who didn’t want relationships, I felt that he should have had doubts and have second guessed his decisions towards Abby. I mean okay, he’s also a bit impulsive. But, for a person to keep rejecting you, it just that he had come off as like a doormat to me. It took him long, too long for my liking to finally man up and just let Abby decide for herself.

4. The self-defense class. Abby teaches self-defense as a way to help those that were like her. It’s admirable and the way she just found something that she could use to gain confidence and help others. But, as much as it is admirable, I wanted to know some of the lessons. Even basic stuff. All there is was a summary of Ethan getting his ass kicked. Just even basic stuff, of how Abby would explain some of the moves, to feel her determination and passion for it, I wanted it.

Other than that, I enjoyed some parts of the book. Especially with Ethan’s sister and Abby’s best friend, Lee. Lee was in the closet because of some hang ups growing up but that she also have come out of her shell, it was beautiful. The way she man up and did what she did? Well, sweet.

This book made me feel, but it also left me short on some parts. But overall, this was an okay read.

“Says the chick who’s never had an orgasm. Maybe you’d feel differently if you experienced all of the joys sex has to offer.”

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