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The Bellator Saga: The First Trilogy (Bellator Saga, #1-3)

ARC Review:
The Bellator Saga:
The First Trilogy
by Cecilia London

The Bellator Saga: The First Trilogy is a set containing the first three books in the series: Dissident, Conscience and Sojourn. It’s a passionate romance between political opposites Caroline Gerard and Jack McIntyre, and fighting for what they believe in.

The Author is new to me and I only took a chance because I’ve been seeing it on a friend’s feed plus the covers are beautiful. I actually didn’t read what this trilogy was about before deciding to read it and for it being a political suspense was a surprise. A good surprise because I never thought I’d like this one.

Politics is a concept I’d rather avoid because of the power play involved, the hidden agendas and double insinuation in words. The never knowing whether the words were spoken in sincerity or a mask to cover up what was actually intended.

But this book, as timely as it seemed with the current events, is as reflective as it is written beautifully in my opinion. This book made me think back on my views and made me reflect upon it. Of what my decisions in the future will affect, or if I will choose a person in position because of the goodness of his/her heart or because I just accepted what the media feeds me.

This book touches other points in life, not just the political aspect or how people acts when something happens beyond our control or what can we do about it, but also of life, and relationships, be it romantically or family and friendships.

I could also say this book has made my heart stop in suspense and swelled in overflowing love. Made me fall in love, broke my heart, the struggle through life, laugh and smile and the reliving of each scenes as if it was happening to me. The pain and the blacking out of some that are utterly gruesome and unimaginable. But, everything I’ve mentioned is a given when you read this book.

This book has been a slow read for me because it was heavy, and light at some part, and yes, my vocabulary has been challenge. (The times I had to stop to look up those meaning. Seriously, and people thought I’m good in English. Not my first language, okay?) But all in all, this is a book I’m very proud to recommend. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series and to continue to know the journey of Caroline and Jack.

(And yes, I’ve written the review even before I made it to the finish line. But I was close, I just had to write my thoughts before I forget them, and truthfully, I’m just being honest here.)

Should be read in order. The set includes:
Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1) by Cecilia London Conscience (Bellator Saga, #2) by Cecilia London Sojourn (Bellator Saga, #3) by Cecilia London

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