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ARC Review:
Sojourn by Cecilia London

After finishing Conscience, I actually stopped myself into diving and reading this installment because you know, I liked to keep myself in check and prolong the suspense. Well, okay. It only took me 20 minutes, to be honest. At least, I was able to hold that long.

Sojourn, as the title suggest, is a transition in Caroline’s journey. Dissident was easing me into the whole picture of the story, Conscience was intense and letting me know the hard facts, and Sojourn I can describe as a reprieve. It was perfectly written in a way that soothe the intense feelings I had with the previous installment.

It was a small hope, but it was hope nonetheless. The past doesn’t follow a definite timeline and is triggered by anything random that is happening in the present. But nonetheless, it was something I was eager to read, and at times dreaded.

I actually wanted to rush reading and finishing this book because I wanted to know if that small hope will blossom and give me that something I was hoping for, and prolonging because I’m afraid it might not be what I wanted. Still, I have to stop at some point, get a rest and think of all that is happening. Although this may be a reprieve as I’ve describe, it still sat heavy with me. Caroline’s journey is a hard one and I can’t chase away the dishearten feeling within me.

But glimpses of all and hope that what might be keeps me going. And it’s like how Caroline’s journey is. The ending was somehow bittersweet. And I’m feeling a little hungover. Okay, maybe a lot. A lot like book hangover. Think I need space, maybe a lot more than that but I can’t wait to read the next in the series see where everything might lead.

This book is something I’d be proud to recommend. And a little warning though, not for the faint hearted. I may have shed a tear, or two. As much as Jack and Caroline’s interludes were hot as fuck, the other parts of the book were something that happened to people who have gone through a government whose people in position exploited it.

I can’t wait to read more from this writer and I’m just glad I was given an opportunity to read such a wonderful book. Okay, I think I need to stop as I’m getting a little sappy.

Pervert. We’re in a library. Isn’t some reverence required?
It’s not a church sweetheart.
It is to me. Books are holy.

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