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ARC Review:
Kissed by Reality by Carrie Aarons

“…there is nothing in life that is worth having if we don’t pursue it with a ferocious need.”

I’ve only read Red Card by this author, and so when I saw this book, well of course, I jumped right in because I wanted to read more of her.

Kissed by Reality is a refreshing read for me. I’ve read a lot of reality TV shows book, in fact, and it’s hard to not actually compare. This book, however, had just come out above everything I have read.

To say I was hooked from the start I’ve started reading this book, is not a bit much. It was really like watching a reality TV show that have captured you’re attention. You just wanted to devour every detail, every gossip, every little detail about the players, focusing on who you feel like having a shot, rooting for a person because of a personality you like, or just not even bothering to remember the names of the other player because you know they will just be forgotten after they were sent off.

To say that first is always important for me is a fact. And from the moment Leighton have set his eyes on Finn, and Finn on her, it was just something in the air. The connection was something I’ve actually felt through.

Finn is just Finn.
*staring at him with beautiful eyes*

That’s just how I feel when I think of him. I think it was love at first sight. Ops, sorry, it’s love at first read because the man just captured my heart. He was so imperfectly perfect.

Leighton is this person who have this cool façade and untouchable personality on the outside. But on the outside, she’s just so human, scared and vulnerable.

“I don’t need the romance. I don’t need the speeches. None of that fake crap means anything.”

I love how this book was written. I’ve already said that this has been the best book yet that I’ve read with regards to reality TV show, and that isn’t said lightly. Carrie Aaron—link keeps me on my seat, like I was really watching, knowing there has been some producers manipulation with casting and the results, but still I am glued and rooting for just things to happen. The twist, how everything was played through was brilliant! *slow clap*

This book has been all about second chances. Second chances that aren’t given but are chased no matter what the cost is just so to achieve the end goal. This book is also about working hard for something, and that something happiness. And when it’s finally of reach, all there is is bliss. This book is a definite must read.

“To live each day to the fullest. To love and fight and makeup and want to kill each other. But just to live with so much emotion that when we were old and gray, we didn’t have to look back and regret a single thing.”

(F) BR with my shhlut, Sophie! Thanks babe!

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