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Conscience (Bellator Saga, #2)

ARC Review: Conscience by Cecilia London

I’ve read of a fictional character once who reads one page a day of a book to savor the moment and to wait until the next book in the series is published. But I can’t do that. Although I’d be recommending you to read this installment one chapter a day, or three.

Conscience started where Dissident ended, obviously but I’m one who doesn’t like to rehash details. Let me just describe how this book was for me: light and dark. Light in a way that there are glimpses of past that overshadows the dark happening in the present, but enough for me to make it through to the end of the book. Dark in a way that those dark and taboo books I’ve read can’t even hold a candle on the gruesome scenes and images that made it to my thoughts and that disheartens me. I don’t even know how to dispel those and made it go away.

My journey in reading this book was slow, painful and lighthearted at times and joyful. It was like living through life. Sometimes you want to rush to make it to the end, but sometimes you wanted to prolong it to enjoy the moment.

This book made me fall in love more with Jack, and my regard for Caroline just increased. The scenes in the past doesn’t have a definite time it follows but are selective and in a way can be correlated with what is happening in the present.

To be honest, I have this thoughts and all stuff made up in my head even before I finish reading this book, but unfortunately for me, I’ve forgotten all about that. It’s just that no matter the ending to this book, I am just as decided that this a five-star read for me because of the way it was written and the way it is thought provoking. I guess I loved that this book has challenged me in a way I never expected and that it made me proud of myself that I was able to read this book.

Thought (yes, there’s just one) after reading and making it to the end: Fuck! (with matching palm beating in my seat. Sitting back and thinking long and hard.)

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