Review: All the Frogs in Manhattan by Carrie Aarons

7:34:00 PM

“Nothing that we want so badly ever comes easy.”

All the Frogs inn Manhattan is a modern day story of a woman in a quest to find her prince charming, or probably kissed all the frogs to turn them into a prince. It explores the reality of dating nowadays and hidden truths that we try to hide before it became a relationship.

“They wanted the bad boy that would finally change for them.”

Oh my God because this really needs to be mentioned, the cover is effing beautiful! Rarely I find a book that I just go crazy about and stare at for a couple minutes every time I open my kindle. And I love the title! So cuuuute! Okay, moving on. Lol!

“There is something about doggy style that's more illicit than any other position.”

This book is quirky in some ways, and has loads of cuteness. Definitely hot. Has fun and humorous moments. And just light. No drama and just full on reality. And this is just kind of a refreshing read. Definitely adorable!

“Love waits for no woman, no matter how ill-timed it is.”

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