Review: Something Borrowed by Eve Dangerfield

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“That is, an attractive, mentally sound, straight man who both liked and was attracted to her and was into getting beat down by a girl.”

The title actually gives me that thought: 'Something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue.

This book feels like the movie: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates . Sans the disaster and the corny act and the craigslist. Anyway, the only thing its the same with that movie was the setting. A week-long wedding happening in Thailand.

Elle Sahlstrom has an anger management issue and a lot of other issues including the hot Jackson Proveaux. But she's quirky, has no mouth filter, and definitely fun to be friends with. She has an innate need that she tries to hide but still wants to explore.

Jack on the other hand is French, and oh, my panties already started melting with his accent right there. He's a changed man now, a better one in fact, and is ready to make everything right with Elle by offering to be at her mercy for a week.

I tell you, this author knows how to write panty-melting, scorching hot scenes. Like seriously man! This book is also refreshing, fun and I just enjoyed reading, devouring till the last page. It was bittersweet. You know, that feeling when you want to just read as fast as you can but don't want to end? Yeah.

I admit, I'm not a fan of flashbacks anymore, but I really loved the timing of how the author had written this one. I was on the verge of boiling point anger, when bam! My questions are being answered. The anger feeling though is due to the fact that Elle has anger as her default emotion and so it's kind of exhausting at the first part for me as its all I feel, deep in her character. The ending though, man it was so beautiful and still leaves a smile in my face.

Overall, this book is definitely one I'd recommend! Hot, fun and a domme in a quest to find her unicorn.

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