Review: Dark Protector by Celia Aaron

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“Part of what made me a first-rate murderer was my skill at calculating ahead. Killing people was something of a logic puzzle.”

You know that feeling when a book has been specifically written for your own personal taste and preference? I know! I've first felt that with The Repear's Mate because Angel of Death , duh. Ding ding ding! Please see bottom of review for reference. lol

All you need to know about this novel:
✔ hired mafia killer
✔ creepy stalkerish personality
✔ blood, lots and lots of blood
✔ torture, vivid description 
✔ murderer's thoughts

If that didn't deter you yet, then this book is definitely for you.

“I caught my reflection in my rear view-cold eyes, stern jaw, and a cruelty that lived just under the surface. I knew what I was, that anything I touched would turn to rot and death.”

Conrad (Con) Mercer has been staring at Charlie through the tinted glass of his car in her flower shop. A ruthless man, who can kill without thought. Intense, raw, and no nonsense.

Charlie is someone mysterious. She's battling something in her past and is trying to live a life that is unnoticed or so she thought.
“For the moment, I was safe in the arms of a killer.”

Con somehow reminds me of my beloved Nick. All he know in his life is killing, following the boss without question, getting the job done and getting paid. All stoic and everything. Until Charlie. A very dangerous light that he wants to touch but doesn't want to taint.

Charlie was a surprise though. That's all I can say about her. lol
“The scent of gun oil, some sort of aftershave, and man enveloped me as he pulled me back into his arms.”

I love the story's pacing, fast and steady and it keeps my adrenaline on a rush. I enjoyed every moment of it and I feel like this was written just for me.

And this needs a mention, too. I am waiting for Nate's story. *wink*

“Vengeance oozed from my pores until the moment I got a glimpse of her. And then I knew peace.”

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