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So, recently I had a debacle that caused a lot of stress. Sometimes, I wouldn't stop until I fix things or if I can't, well, I at least try to find a way that would still work in my favor.

I was doing my routine check up and decided to delete my browser history because my tabs are loading more slowly. I usually delete everything including saved passwords just so I will have a clean start of inputting everything. I never really had a problem in the past so I just proceeded without checking anything.

As expected, I was logged out on all platforms I am signed in. Most of my accounts are linked as I'm using Chrome and it's actually easier for me since Google personalized what to recommend to me depending on my searches. Well, the only thing I have forgotten about was the new or not so new security feature of Google, the two-step verification process.

Well, you see that isn't really a problem but I haven't known about back up codes until I googled about ways I could fix the mess up. The real problem was, my number that is connected with the account was already deactivated.

I could still access my mail through my phone and I have other e-mail address I use for personal purposes, but hell, it was a lot to go through.

Anyway, Google said they would invistigate and they woould get back with me after 3-5 days. More than 48 hours have only passed and I have finally been able to recover my gmail. The multiple complaints have probably helped. lol

Before I fell in love with reading, I was addicted with television. I was a nightowl and obsessive, watching tv till 12 midnight just because I can.

Recently, I suffered a book slump. Well, more like last year. (December 2016) Like I really couldn't get to reading. It was probably the stress getting to me because of a lot of things that just happened in all aspects of my life. And I turned to watching tv but instead of local channels, I binge-watched my favorite American Series.

And then the inevitable renewal of professional license happened. Seriously, it would be a novel if I get into it but to make the long story short, watching KDrama (Korean Drama) had made it bearable.

And so, the addiction had started again.

So, getting into what this post is really about.

Just this thoughts nagging in my head that demands to be put into writing. I've decided to do a review of KDramas I've watched. It's a way of keeping track of what I've watched and well, the plot and characters and also as a point of reference for me for my recommendation with my friends.

I've been putting this off for a while now but the drama review I've read in my uni's publication cemented the idea I will be doing this. I will eventually get to it with the long vacation coming up. I haven't decided of where to actually put it but I'd definitely put a link or page here in my blog.

My 'just one more chapter' became a 'one more episode'.
읽어 주셔서 감사합니다!
(ilg-eo jusyeoseo gamsahabnida!)

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