Review: The Silver Swan by Amo Jones

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I can't really remember why this book attracted me in the first place, but when I was reading, there was a rush of nostalgia and a feeling of a little déjà vu. The novel immediately reminded me of the F4 in the Meteor Garden tv drama but I prefer the Korean version Boys Over Flowers because of Lee Min Ho. And then I thought of the Eagle Elite Series by Rachel Van Dyken and a lot other characters and scenes of books I've read that I couldn't remember the title. And then there was Twilight because of the raw intensity of the stare and the palpable tension in the air. But please don't be mislead of the Twilight reference as I'm only remembering Edward's stare towards Bella in the cafeteria.

Okay, first the why. There's this pack of bad boys with their leader Bishop who owns and runs the school, Riverside Preparatory Academy in The Hamptons. And then here comes Madison, the new gal in this private school. Hence, the nostalgia feeling of the tv drama and books mentioned above.

But then, it turned out to be a different kind of fucked up story. Probably not as dark as Eagle Elite because of the vivid description of torure and killing there, but I'm still holding my breath because it might be as dark since this is only Book 1, but it is on another level of fucked up considering the twisted mind-fuck games, the riddles and the 'legend' or the secrets and twisted truths.

And now I'm actually wondering how many fucks I'm going to mention with this review.

Anyway, if you're looking for a really fucked-up book with mind-twisting games; and teenagers with raging hormones doesn't bother you with a lot of hot kissing, fucking and high school drama; and fucking secrets and lies, then you're about to get fucked with this book and this fucking book is definitely for you.

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