Review: Mastering Her Senses by Laura Kaye

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“Because this incredible, handsome, adventurous man she'd found-he was her light in the dark.”

I was a few paragraphs in and I'm already in love with Master Quinton.

I've anticipated this book more because I was secretly hoping it was Q's story that would be next in the series, and what do you know, wish granted. Thank you Laura!

Master Quinton is just my kind of man. Other than being a Dominant, he's also an adrenaline junkie.

“So how did you get into sensory deprivation, then?

Because I'm kind of an evil fucker and I like to torment submissives with pleasure.”

Cassia Locked was traumatized with darkness and other triggers because of a cave-in but what I love about her is that she's a take charge woman. She hadn't been to Blasphemy for 2 years and she came back because she thought it would be the perfect way for her to how she used to be before - confident and enjoying all that comes with being in the lifestyle.

Although reading BDSM that revolves around a club has burned me, I am loving the Blasphemy series by Laura Kaye. The scenes are quite edgy and sexy and they differ from one another. The perspective on how these scenes were played was also quite refreshing and that there were not too much of 'mind talk' as the main purpose was to let the mind free and the body to feel.

What fell short for me though was that I felt exhausted at the beginning of the book. There was no downtime for me to recharge or absorb the effects of the subspace as the scenes were intense but they continued after one another. I know Cassia and Quinton have already known each other before and that have already been having scenes together before cave in happened, still I would have loved it if I felt more of their chemistry. You know that feeling where you feel rushed but couldn't explain why? That, there.

But, I was ecstatic that there was a glimpse of the Raven Riders. I know, I'm excited of them, too! Cassia's brother is Jagger, who's a member of the club. OMG, that was just an exciting bonus that I couldn't contain myself. If you don't know them, read on the Raven Riders Club Series! *wink* 

Overall, I can't wait for the next book in the series! I hope there's a lot of glimpses of the other Masters. Although, I can't quite decide whom I want next! ReadHard, always!

“If nothing else ever worked to help her tolerate the darkness, the memory of how his gorgeous face looked in that moment, shattered by the pleasure he'd found in her, just might've done the trick.”

Books in the series:
Hard to Serve (Hard Ink, #4.7; Blasphemy #0.5)
Bound to Submit (Blasphemy, #1)

P.S. Each book is a Stand-Alone.
P.P.S. Read the Hard Ink Series first before reading Hard to Serve to enjoy it better.

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