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ARC Review: Dirty Aristocrat by Georgia Le Carre

“Everyone thinks you’re such a nice, sweet girl, but I know the truth. I know how bad and naughty you truly want to be…”

There are a few authors I would blindly say yes to without knowing what I’m actually agreeing to. And because I’m so oblivious sometimes I didn’t even know what it was until it hit my kindle. And I was like, Hello hot cover, nice of you to show up there. Hot damn.

But before anything else, there’s this part in this book that I call ‘Homage to a Cock’ and it deserves a goldie from me. Because well, it’s so fucking hilarious and so out of the blue that I didn’t expect it and made me laugh so hard. So here’s the goldie for it.


The overall story gives me the air of mystery. It’s like from the start, there was this something that intrigues me and attracts me to compel me to read words after words and paragraph after paragraph.

Ivan. The man is intense, and has that air that just drew you in. Mysterious and calculating, and dangerous. I love and hated the him at the same time, and damn, it isn’t a good combo for me.

Tawny. A woman of beautiful soul, naïveté and looks for good in everyone although she’s a little bit suspicious in her situation. There was there something in her that I wanted to protect and save and just give her everything. Very very intriguing too because well, when there’s a secret, I’m like a cat who can’t stop until I know what it is.

What I love about reading is that it takes me to a place where I’ve never been and live a life beyond what I expect and the author just made me feel that. Georgie Le Carre—link has just delivered another book I love and can’t get enough of. I’ve love the gypsy men, but surprisingly, I’m in this for Tawny more than for Ivan.

There’s too many scenes I love but that would be too revealing to mention. The butterfly was a very precise description for Tawny, for I van, for things between them. Something that blooms and is beautiful.

Although, while reading this, I keep forgetting that this is happening in the present and not a time before that like a hundred years or so ago. And I feel like that added to the charm of this book. This book is something I’d be proud to recommend.

Secrets, lies, betrayal and mystery. And some sex. Very very hot sex. What else are you looking for?

“We’re starting again, Tawny…, and this time we’re going to make the stars come out just to watch us.”

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