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ARC Review: Unconventional by Avery Aster

I actually have so much in my thoughts when I was reading but now that I’m faced with writing, words had eluded me. It’s always the start, I guess.

I was plunge into the world of Manhattanites, a world of fashion, passion and love. A triad relationship. Well, I can describe the situation but you can read the blurb, I don’t want to repeat myself.

The overall tone to me was hopeful and celebratory and it’s actually the saving grace. To look forward to what tomorrow might bring and enjoy the moment. To celebrate the life we have and to live life to the fullest. Somehow, it tugs at me as it is how we should be doing with ours.

The struggle to live after what Jemma went through was too real. And sometimes, people often forget the people who had lived with them through it to celebrate the second chance at life they had. But I actually get where Jemma was coming.

Luigi is a true alpha and Rocco is such a sweetie. Their friends are all so very supportive and I actually like them.

What fell short for me was that there was always a flashback of something or a memory popping through similar to what is happening at the moment. I don’t like it because it disrupts the continuity of the story for me. How can I relate to that memory if I’m only getting what it was like and not the whole thing?

I felt detached on some parts and felt too strongly on others. I think it was same with the sex scenes. It was I will kiss you for a minute or two. I mean I was like counting in my head. How long was a minute or two again? When you’re enjoying the moment, time seems inconsequential and hugging for a minute or two is like a big question mark for me. I don’t like kissing and then and after that and all that what happens next. Also, I cannot picture in my mind the descriptions.

I guess I expected too much. Jemma is a couture designer and I wanted to feel the process. To be involved in the designing part. To appreciate art. To feel the passion.

The whole novel felt it was slow or too fast. There were times I asked if the whole internalization is necessary and there are times I was thinking there should be. You know that feeling that it’s moving too slow for you and there are times like you feel that you’re running a marathon because there’s a rush and you need to get to the finish line. Well, that was what I felt.

But it was such an adventure to travel the world the time I spent reading was spent worthwhile.

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