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ARC Review: Hearts on Fire by Cole Jaimes

Cole St. Jaimes is an author I took a chance of because, let’s be honest, he’s hot. And yes, apparently, it’s a known fact that I actually have a crush in him. And no, my book review is my unbiased opinion, not in the slightest affected by my feelings for him. LMAO! But seriously speaking, this book is worth the wait!

The author has that way of writing that I call easing you into the situation. It’s like an introductory of some sort and then, bam, you’re just connected to the characters without you knowing why or how.

Essie is, to be honest, a drama queen. Like argh! But she just didn’t know how to deal with loss and grief and so she hold on to anger and she was blinded by rage.

Aidan is, well Aidan. Like he’s my kind of guy okay? And well, I think, no I imagine him as Cole.

Waiting for this book has been like, you know, coming to a point where you felt like you’re deflated time and time. But this book is seriously worth the wait! I like how it turned out and it was unpredictable and beautiful that it just tugs at you and affects you.

This book is the second book in the series Heart's Revenge. Should be read in order:
Book 1: Heart's Revenge (Previously Heart Breaker)
Book 2: Hearts on Fire

Books in the series:
Heart's Revenge (Heart's Revenge, #1) by Cole Jaimes Hearts on Fire (Heart's Revenge, #2) by Cole Jaimes

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