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ARC Review: The Rules by Elizabeth Brown

“He’s not a Mercedes. That man is a fucking Lamborghini.”

The Rules is all about rules. But not literally. I think, no, I know what I loved about this book is the underlying topic that should have been given more attention. But before that, and anything else, well, let me tell you, I LOVE LAMBO! they should be in caps locked because intense man, intense.

Ryan is a sex therapist, and The Lessons should be read before diving and reading this story. I know, I know. This is a stand-alone but it will give you a perspective and understanding where Ainsley is coming from.

“Because my dick likes your pussy.”

Ainsley has been through a traumatic event in her life and as an effect, she has bipolar and what is called vaginismus, and yes, it’s real. More on that later. And what I adore about her is that she is a survivor. She wanted to overcome that traumatic event that happened to her and she wanted to own her sexuality. Me likey.

Lambo, is well. I LOVE LAMBO okay? Everything about that guy even the fact that he loves to wear briefs because just yum. And I actually think of Christian Kane, the body man and the ponytail and when he cut his hair. Just dayummm.

It’s that .5★ out there that indicates a tad disappointment from me. It’s because I actually expected more of the vaginismus. For it to be explored, not just the bipolar tendencies. It’s a topic not most know, and when faced with it, they don’t know how to react with it.

But other than that? Holy abs batman! I love everything about this book. Like especially near the ending part. And I don’t know how to express myself without giving away spoilers! Seriously, this is a must read. It made me laugh, and laugh so hard and it also made me tear a little, and broke my heart a little. And just read!!

To Elizabeth Brown, bravo! I can’t wait what you come up with next.

Books in the series:
The Lessons (Off-Limits, #1) by Elizabeth Brown The Rules (Off-Limits, #2) by Elizabeth Brown
Book 1: The Lessons
Book 2: The Rules

“ Like our dick’s a fucking prince and a superhero all rolled into one.”

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