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ARC Review: Hard Ever After by Laura Kaye

“Because hard is good.”

For the Hard Ink fans, this book is such a treat. The ending of the last book has been very moving and so beautiful it was so emotional that it was also bittersweet. To know that one of my loved series is ending and yet so happy that they had their happily ever after, and getting everything they deserved for what they’ve been through.

The Hard Ink boys, these men, I loved them. So fucking much that when the voting started of whom will get their happily ever after first, I can’t for the life the of me decide on who. I actually voted on #TeamCharlieandJeremy like on all the platforms I can vote with, but I wasn’t sad when it was Nick and Becca who have won. I’m just so overwhelmed by the fact that hey, I’m gonna get to read what happens next to gang.

I was actually hesitant at first to start reading, because with all the giddy and excitement I felt, I was afraid I might get disappointed. It always happens, you know, reading and getting back to the series or characters you love so much that everything gets so overwhelming and that the Author might get over the board.

But, I am so happy. Like truly ecstatic. Laura Kaye did an amazing job on Hard Ever After. The suspense is still there and it wasn’t so overwhelming. It was just so fucking perfect!

Finally the guys are getting back with their life and the transition from the intense months that they’ve been to living a normal life again was a hardship they are undergoing especially with Becca. But everything’s going so good, or so they thought.

I can’t express how happy I felt to read such an amazing book. And of course, I wanted to share the happiness I felt to all the Hard Ink fans, and to others who might stumble upon this read. It was exciting to see the gang, with all the good news they shared, and the other people who have touched their lives even though in passing. Eileen was so cute and I was happy that Ike and Jess was there, too. Jesus, I don’t think the whole book was efuckingnough and I freakily want more.

Of course, I am excited for the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club.

The best is yet to come.

This book can be quite overwhelming if you haven’t read the whole series. If you like mystery, suspense, hard guys and hot tattoos, and men in uniform, then this book is definitely for you. The series should be read in order or you might get lost on who’s who and the whole investigation.
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