Sneak Peek

11:01:00 AM


Nick dove into the truck’s cab. “Go, go!”

“Fuck!” Shane punched the accelerator and pulled the truck into a hard U-ey. Another round hit the back quarter panel.

“Get down, Becca,” Nick said as he reached for the Glock at the small of his back. But she was way ahead of him, tucked in a ball on the floor behind his seat. He didn’t have a clear shot of anything, especially with chaos already breaking out around the ER’s entrance as people dove for cover and the couple of on-site police officers rushed into defensive positions.

In what felt like long minutes but was only a few seconds, they were clear of the area. Shane ran a red light to get them away from the hospital altogether.

Twisting in his seat, Nick looked out the cab’s rear window. “Watch for a tail.”

“On it,” Shane said. “You need to alert the team, Vance, Chen.”

“Yeah,” Nick said, but first he needed to check on Becca. Christ, every reassurance he’d offered the past week had just been blown to shit. His gut was a wreck, his mind unhelpfully crafting one horror story after another about what might’ve happened if Chen hadn’t called. Or if Nick hadn’t returned to the hospital immediately. Or if Coleman hadn’t been able to pull Becca off the floor. “Becca, are you okay?”

“I don’t know,” she said, her voice shaky. When she looked up at him, her skin was ashen. He reached back and clutched her hand as he dialed Marz.

“Yo, hoss, wassup?” Marz said.

“We’ve got a situation,” Nick said, filling him in. “Let everyone know what’s going on. And if you have a chance, scan the security feeds around our neighborhood looking for anything potentially suspicious. We’ve been keeping an eye out for the wrong damn car.”

“You got it,” Marz said.

Nick had just hung up when his cell rang again. Chen. Nick put it on speaker.

“I heard about the hospital. You okay?” Chen asked by way of a greeting. Nick wasn’t surprised that Chen had information that was only minutes old.

“Yeah, we’re in one piece,” Nick said. “But it was fucking close. Too close.”

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